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Getting (Started with) Wikis
A Hands-Off Workshop

Wikis are powerful tools with awesome potential for education. So why aren't more Xavier faculty using them? Everyone's familiar with Wikipedia, which is the biggest and most famous wiki in the world. Still, most folks don't "get" what a wiki really is.

Paradoxically, the key challenge in getting started with wikis is their simplicity. In addition to being easy to use, wikis are open-ended and extremely flexible. Wikis can seemingly accommodate any content in any structure. They can be many, many different things.

Thus it can be hard to get one's head around the basic concept, to understand what a wiki can accomplish, and what sort of projects are well suited to wiki-work.

To crack this conundrum, we are employing a bold new approach which aims to expand awareness and understanding of what wikis can do. Instead of a hands-on technology workshop, this will be a hands-off technology workshop. Instead of using computers, participants will use their minds.

The program will include a quick orientation to basic wiki mechanics, a survey of interesting wiki projects, and a brainstorming session in which participants will explore ideas for possible wiki projects.

No previous wiki experience necessary. No computer necessary. Just bring your creativity and your imagination.

  • Led by: Bart Everson, CAT
  • Date: Thursday, October 11, 2012
  • Time: 12:15 - 1:05 PM
  • Location: Library 532A
  • Sponsor: CAT

To register: RSVP to for lunch.

Tags: technology, wikis, hands-off
Format: discussion
Event ID: 01187

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