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CCE: Interdisciplinary Seminar

Through the seminar, participants will read, discuss, and utilize scholarship and infuse this knowledge into a core curriculum course and interact with consultants in planning interdisciplinary courses. Members of the Interdisciplinary Seminar will receive support for planning, implementing, and assessing an individual or collaborative core curriculum course. Members of the Interdisciplinary Seminar will participate in workshops to disseminate interdisciplinary pedagogy.


Evan A. Gatti, associate professor, specializes in medieval art. Gatti recently co-authored an annotated bibliography on Medieval Italian Art for Oxford Bibliographies and was co-editor of an interdisciplinary collection of essays entitled Envisioning the Medieval Bishop: Images and the Episcopacy in the Middle Ages (Turnhout: 2014). She has authored several essays on the art and culture of medieval bishops, including a contribution to Envisioning the Bishop, Saintly Bishops and Bishops Saints (Zagreb: 2012), as well as a special issue of Peregrinations devoted to Ottonian art for use in the undergraduate classroom. Gatti has presented papers nationally and internationally on the relationships between ritual, performance, pilgrimage and art in a religious context. In 2009, Gatti received the Elon College Excellence in Service/Leadership award and in 2012, Gatti received the Student Government Association's Gerald F. Francis Award for Outstanding Faculty Member.

Amy Johnson, assistant professor of history. Johnson has specialized in the study of slavery with a particular emphasis on early colonial Jamaica, and has delivered presentations in her field at regional, national, and international conferences. Her work has been published in journals such as the International Journal of Humanities and Cultural Studies, the Journal of Caribbean History, and LIMINA: A Journal of Cultural and Historical Studies.

Johnson has already been deeply involved with the Elon Core Curriculum, teaching both COR 110 and upper-level Core Capstone Seminars. She was among the first faculty members to pilot residentially linked COR 110 classes and was an early participant in the Core Capstone initiative that transformed the seminars into integrative, interdisciplinary experiences for all Elon students. In 2015, Johnson moved into an important leadership role as the Common Reading coordinator for the Core Curriculum, tasked with coordinating events including the common reading author’s campus visit and faculty development around the common reading.

  • Led by: Dr. Evan Gatti (Elon University); Dr. Amy Johnson (Elon University)
  • Date: May 22-26, 2017
  • Time: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Location: Mellon Seminar Room - LRC 532B
  • Sponsor: CCE
  • More info:

Tags: core curriculum, interdisciplinarity
Format: seminar
Event ID: 01553

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