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Writing-in-the-Disciplines Saturday Workshop

Writing in the Disciplines (WID) is a pedagogical approach that helps students develop and master the writing skills necessary within a given discipline while continuing the strengthen their overall writing abilities.

WID is one aspect of the Writing Across the Curriculum that is particularly well suited for content-specific classes. In terms of our new core curriculum, WID can work in both the Exploration courses and the 3000-level XCOR courses. In the Explorations courses, students who have learned the skills of academic writing in their first-year writing classes can be introduced into some of the more challenging aspects of writing within your discipline. At the XCOR 3000-level, students can further explore the complexities of thinking and writing within that discipline.

During this half-day workshop, Xavier faculty will learn about best practices for teaching discipline-specific writing, will explore the diversity of writing tasks expected of students in different disciplines, and will begin to develop/adapt a major writing assignment to help students learn these skills.

* Lunch will be provided.

* The workshop will be limited to 9 faculty members.

* Each participant will be compensated $250 following completion of the workshop.

To register: Submit a completed application to

Tags: CCE, WAC, WID, writing, X-core
Format: hands-on
Event ID: 01684

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