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Bb Tip #76: What’s New in Mobile Learn 4.0?

The Blackboard Mobile Learn app has been completely redesigned. The updates made to the Mobile Learn app makes using the app and reading content easier than ever. Some of the new features include:

Faculty and students can stay connected with their Blackboard courses and organizations while on the go. With Mobile Learn 4.0 you can quickly and easily disseminate information to your students. Mobile Learn is primarily designed as a communication tool which will allow you to perform tasks such as post announcements, view discussions, create or reply to discussion threads, view journal entries and blog posts. You cannot use Mobile Learn to set up or organize your courses.

Mobile Learn has Dropbox integration, which allows you to manage course documents with ease. Mobile Learn does not have Grade Center integration.

Depending on the particular mobile device, some Blackboard features may not work, but you can always access those features using a browser such as Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer on your computer.

Want more information?

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or email or call Janice Florent: (504) 520-7418.

1 thought on “Bb Tip #76: What’s New in Mobile Learn 4.0?

  1. Karen Nichols

    Hi Janice, I'm practicing with this now. Do you think we need to change those instructions in the Resource Center that refer to adjusting the browser if you're using the mobile app? Thanks, Karen

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