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Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). GAAD aims to get you talking, thinking and learning about digital access/inclusion and people with different abilities and talents. Accessibility is about everyone. It is extremely important for students with disabilities to have access to accessible course content. The Brightspace HTML Editor has a built-in accessibility checker that ...continue reading "Brightspace Tip #32: Accessibility Checker"

Occasionally, you may want to overwrite a file with a newer/updated version. It is easy to replace or overwrite files in your Brightspace courses. Follow these steps to do it. To overwrite an existing file, you should: From the context menu of the topic, select Change File. This will prompt you to upload a new ...continue reading "Brightspace Tip #31: Update a File"

As you prepare to teach this summer, now is a good time to get started setting up your Brightspace courses. According to our Information Technology Center (ITC), summer courses will be created in Brightspace this week. To get started, you can post your syllabus, course documents, announcements, and setup your Grade Book in your Brightspace ...continue reading "Brightspace Tip #30: Setup Your Summer Course"

As we approach the end of the semester there are a few things you can do in Brightspace to wrap up for the semester. Release final course grades Unlike other grade items and categories in the Grade Book, final grades are not available to students by default. Final grades must be released. If you did ...continue reading "Brightspace Tip #28: End of Semester Tasks"

Unlike other grade items and categories in the Grade Book, final grades are not available to students by default. Final grades must be released. When setting up the Grade Book, the instructor can choose to automatically release final grades so that the students can see their final grade throughout the semester. If you did not ...continue reading "Brightspace Tip #26: Grade Book – Release Final Grades"

D2L (the company that owns Brightspace) uses Continuous Delivery to update our Brightspace system. The Continuous Delivery model is different from the previous update model we had with Blackboard. We used a system of “Big Bang releases” (large updates released once or twice a year) with Blackboard. The Continuous Delivery model gives us regular monthly ...continue reading "Brightspace Tip #25: Continuous Delivery Updates"

Have you ever met with a student and wanted to review that student’s grades with him or her, but couldn’t because the Grade Book shows the grades of all the other students? This isn't a problem in Brightspace. You can use the Grade Book search to temporarily hide the grades of all the other students ...continue reading "Brightspace Tip #24: Grade Book – Search"

We created this Brightspace Known Issues page to provide you with information about known Brightspace issues and resolutions. Reviewing the Brightspace known issues page will inform you of known issues with the Brightspace system and their workarounds. This known issues page will be updated as issues are identified. Want more information? Brightspace Help Resources View ...continue reading "Brightspace Tip #22: Known Issues"

Xavier provides all faculty, staff, and students with a G Suite for Education (formerly Google Apps for Education) account, which includes Mail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms. With the Google Apps integration into Brightspace, you can upload files from your Google Drive into Brightspace. Google Drive is a service for storing, syncing and ...continue reading "Brightspace Tip #19: Google Apps Integration"

The first page students see when they enter your course leaves a lasting impression. Use this first look to orient students and convey important information. Example of a Brightspace Course Homepage Instructors can personalize their course with a banner image. A course banner is an image that appears in the My Courses widget and at ...continue reading "Brightspace Tip #18: Customize Your Course Homepage"