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During our study of Creole culture in New Orleans, we had to talk about Creole food. We are the Gumbo LALA project! Emphasis was placed on the kinds of ingredients found in typical Creole dishes, and why those particular ingredients were used. We used the Project Director's BETTA Mo's moma's recipe to make the gumbo.

In one activity, a group of students in Ms. Rice's class surveyed the other third and fourth grade students to determine what kind of Gumbo they liked. A short video depicts this activity. Prior to a trip to the grocery store, the students generated a list of ingredients and the amounts needed to feed gumbo to all of the third and fourth grade classes. View the survey results. The students estimated the amount of money needed to purchase the groceries.

Ms. Bergman's class made the rice, Ms. Gilbert's class the roux, Ms. Cutillo's and Ms. Hernandez's students chopped and diced vegetables to a given length and shape, reinforcing more measurement and geometrical skills. After cooking the gumbo, students enjoyed the fruits (Gumbo) of their labor. Check out a video we made that day. The students of 6th Avenue in Los Angeles ate Gumbo from the famous neighborhood Creole Restaurant named Harold and Belles on Jefferson Boulevard.

The students in New Orleans had Gumbo from Cannon's. The students wrote about their experiences. In addition, the students in Los Angeles wanted to share some of their favorite dishes with the students in New Orleans and created this stack.

Gumbo and How to Make It

Making A Roux
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