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No Child Left Behind

Bush's Education Policy

In April 2002, the Center hosted a panel discussion on the No Child Left Behind Act, President Bush's blueprint for education reform in America.

Many participants listened with dismay at the good, the bad and the ugly stories associated with this legislation.

Some of the resources that were shared at the discussion are available here for anyone who wishes to explore this topic from their desktop. Although there was some hope expressed for what seems to be a renewed interest nation-wide in school achievement and schooling success, most of the panelists felt we are not ready for the fallout of legislation that emphasizes testing of children as the key strategy for holding educators accountable. Most of the participants who work with historically under-served, poor and minority children felt that the emphasis on testing for these children could be disastrous to their education.

The unique perspective found in the testimony of Dr. J. David Ramirez, Director, Center for Language Minority Education and Research at California State University, Long Beach to the United States Commission on Civil Rights is a must read for those proponents of bilingual education.

Thomas Toch's piece, "Bush's Big Test," finds that the President's education bill is a disaster in the making. He offers ideas on how to fix it.

The following quote from Louis Schmier at Valdosta College, expresses the majority spoken opinion. Schmier states, "...before anyone throws him/herself prostrate before the idol of Assessment understand one thing: a lot, an awful lot, in education that counts cannot be counted."

Note: This list of links is provided as a historical document. Some or all of these links may become invalid as time passes. Links will open in a new window.

  • Bush Lobbyists
    This article sheds some light on the battle between the House and Senate as this bill was being lobbied through legislation.

  • Bush Plan Fails Schools
    ''In the immortal words of the verbally-challenged President: 'Rarely is the question asked: is our children learning?' Like the grammar in his question, Bush

  • Bush's Bad Idea for Bilingual Education
    The most significant feature of President Bush

  • Bush's Big Test
    This author states that Bush has failed the test, with this peice of legislation. The author suggests how it can be fixed.

  • Federal Law's Effect: Raised Expectations
    A comprehensive newspaper column on the NCLB law By Jay Mathews, Washington Post Staff Writer, Tuesday, January 14, 2003

  • High Stakes Testing
    Concerned about High Stakes Testing? Take a look at this snapshot or the related issues and concerns.

  • No Child Left Behind
    The official website of the U.S. Department of Education.

  • PUBLIC LAW 107
    This is the law that was passed Jan.8, 2002

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