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A Report on the Center's Grant Writing Activities

We are currently writing two grant proposals which we hope will take the Center and Xavier in new directions. Your input is welcome.

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Web Course Management Systems

In this case study, six faculty members used Web-based systems like Blackboard, WebCT, eCollege and Anlon to teach courses at Xavier.

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School News

The Center continues to work with students and teachers from local K-12 schools.

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New and Improved:
Facilities Upgrades

A number of upgrades have been made to improve our electronic classrooms, including wireless controls and a SmartBoard.

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Survey Results

Two surveys of Xavier faculty were conducted in March 2001. The results are now available for your examination:

We hope you find this information useful. Thanks to all who participated!

Request for Proposals

The Center invites all Xavier faculty to participate in a Course Portfolio Working Group.

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Upcoming Events

We are sponsoring several workshops which we hope will stiimulate you to try new things in the classroom.

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Wanted: Brave Souls...

We're looking for faculty members who are interested in exploring new horizons in Web publishing at Xavier. Not for the faint of heart!

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