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Another Rich Media Project

Gumbo LA-LA Website

by Fatima Shaik
Martha Gilliam
Lisa Gilbert
Susan Cutillo
Kotch Bergman

This Gumbo LALA project web site will be used as a resource to exhibit various
aspects of the Gumbo LALA Project, including Creole culture. During the
project, students and teachers will investigate the uniqueness of Creole culture,
specific to south Louisiana. Benjamin Franklin students will also communicate
via the internet with students from The 6 th Avenue Elementary school in Los
Angeles, California. The students will discuss the similarities and differences
between their own Creole communities. The website will display different
examples of student generated work including, web board discussions, narratives,
poetry, Hyperstudio stacks, artwork, and personal reflections.


Start date: Monday, May 15, 2000

Design Document: /initiatives/rich/bfe_dd.pdf [PDF, 749 Kb]


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