Conflict Resolution

Concepts to Consider

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What is conflict?

Conflict involves a person's struggle with him/herself, another person, or a thing. It is a problem or disagreement- a situation that needs resolution. Conflict is present in every person's life. It is inescapable. However, conflict can be dealt with creatively, if a person has the right tools.


What is conflict resolution?

Conflict resolution is the process of finding a solution to a conflict. There are several methods of conflict resolution. Some result in win-lose solutions, while others can be win-win. Through programs like peer mediation, kids learn to go for the win-win solution!


What are the different conflict styles?

There are many different ways of resolving conflict. The three most common ways are fight, flight, and flow.

In a fight, two or more people are aggressive with one another. Fighting can be done with words, weapons, or fists. There is a battle of some sort, and there will be one winner and one loser.

In a flight situation, one person walks away from the conflict. The problem is left unresolved, again with one winner and one loser. Common "flight" language includes: "talk to the hand", "never mind", "just forget it", "whatever", etc...

In a flow situation, both people walk away from the conflict satisfied with the solution, which they have reached together. Conflict resolution encourages everyone to "Go for the flow" and create win-win solutions!


What skills do I need to resolve conflict peacefully?

The first thing you need is a willingness to work toward a win-win solution. Then there are several helpful skills to guide you through the process.