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One-on-One Faculty Services

The Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Faculty Development offers the following services for faculty seeking to improve their teaching, learning and assessment:

Get one-on-one help setting up your Blackboard course(s).
Camtasia Studio
Create videos of yourself and/or the computer screen.
Classroom Assessment Techniques
Implement brief, non-credit exercises intended to assess student understanding of course material.
Essay Questions and Essay Examinations
Learn about composing and grading essay questions with an eye on national standards.
Instructor Immediacy as a Teaching Tool
Learn to become an "immediate" instructor and increase student motivation to learn and communicate with you.
Midcourse Review
Discover what your students really think about your teaching. A facilitator will meet your class, distribute a questionnaire, and lead a small group discussion on how the course is going. A confidential debriefing will follow.
Multiple Choice Questions, Examinations, and Test Banks
Consult with an expert on multiple choice test design.
Grading Made Easy
Learn to manage student grades using Blackboard.
Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Coming soon.
Service-Learning Assistance
Learn to design your course or assignment around community service.
Student Response Systems
Learn to use student response systems like HITT.
Using Movies to Enhance Student Learning
Learn how to incorporate various types of movie clips, including student-made videos, into your classroom discussions.
Using SMART Board
Learn to use an interactive whiteboard.
Videotape Your Teaching
Improve your teaching by gaining another perspective on what is going on in your classroom. An optional, confidential analysis is available.
Web Publishing Made Easy
New tools make it easier than ever to put content on the World Wide Web.
Writing to Learn
Use short, informal writing assigments to enhance student learning.
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