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Instructor Immediacy as a Teaching Tool

Learn to become an "immediate" instructor and increase student motivation to learn and communicate with you.

Help is available for:

  • Understanding the importance of classroom immediacy as an instructional tool
  • Recognizing effective and ineffective instructor immediacy behaviors
  • Observing your communication style in the classroom through regular visits during the course of the semester
  • Engaging in self reflection on each class meeting and assessing what went well and what went wrong
  • Assessing your immediacy style in the classroom through videotaping and/or student assessment
  • Developing variety in immediacy in relation to class size and course content
  • Practicing effective immediacy through training sessions
  • Managing classroom incivilities
  • Developing other communication-related tools for instruction, such as:
    • how to implement power and compliance gaining
    • making content relevant to students
    • teaching clearly
    • giving good communication and receiving good communication
    • being sensitive to students' cultural needs
    • understanding students' reactions to teachers who misbehave

Come for information, consultation, observation, and/or training.

If you are interested in the above service, please contact:

Dr. Dominique Gendrin

Dr. Dominique Gendrin is an Associate Professor in Speech Communication. Since the 2002 spring semester, she has led very successful on-campus presentations and workshops on the role of instructor immediacy in the classroom.

Available: fall and spring semesters

Contact information: send a message or call campus ext. 5086

See also: One-on-One Services

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