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Writing to Learn

Writing is a powerful tool for learning across the disciplines, whether one uses it in the classroom or assigns it as homework. Short, informal assignments that stress ideas rather than formal correctness enable students to engage the course material and, literally, think on paper. Whether it happens with pen and paper or computers and the internet, writing helps students:

  • reflect on class concepts, leading to deeper learning and remembering
  • raise important questions
  • make discoveries
  • look at class content from multiple perspectives
  • map out their own processes for solving problems
  • generate original ideas for research projects and formal papers
  • give the instructor feedback on what is being learned, and what isn't

If you are interested in the above service, please contact:

Dr. David Lanoue

Dr. David Lanoue was an associate in Bard College's Language and Thinking Institute in the 1990s.

Available: fall and spring semesters.

Contact information: send a message or call campus ext. 7512

See also: One-on-One Services

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