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Memory Strategies

Some popular topics in infomercials these days are tools for memory enhancement. Someone with a self-described "super-memory" tries to sell you the tricks to his or her trade; after all, who wouldn't want to be able to remember huge lists of items? Although some of these hucksters make dubious claims, some of them are legitimate. They are not, however, using magic or super powers to enhance their memories; in most cases, they are just practiced in using mnemonics. A mnemonic is any device that aids memory, and these demonstrations will introduce some common mnemonics and discuss how memory can be aided with them.

In order to improve memory, we need a systematic way of committing items to memory. Most research on memory has employed a series of items as the list to be remembered. Although most people might simply try to repeat the list over and over to commit it to memory, we tend to remember things better if we have a strategy. These demonstrations will illustrate several strategies for improving the efficiency and capacity of our memory.

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