Picture of Zwingli at the Reformation Monument in Worms.

The Schleitheim Meeting

1527 Michael Sattler meets in Schleitheim with a group of Anabaptists and drafts Schleitheim Articles.
In February of 1527 a group of Anabaptists met in Schleitheim, north of Zurich near the German border. The result of their meeting was the drafting of the Schleitheim Articles, of which Michael Sattler was the principal author.

The document, considered the first Anabaptist confession of faith, was widely circulated among the Anabaptists in the region.

Protestant reformers in Switzerland were also familiar with the document and by the late summer of 1527 Zwingli felt the need to respond to the work and published Refutation of Anabaptist Tricks to refute its teachings.

The work is not a systematic confession of faith, but it does address seven major issues that Anabaptists agreed upon. The seven articles concern baptism, the ban, the breaking of bread, separation from the world, the role of pastors, the sword, and swearing oaths.