Diet of Speyer Statue
Statue at the Reformation Monument in Worms that symbolizes the Diet of Speyer in 1529. Notice the hand raised in protest.

Diet of Speyer 1529

1529 Second Diet of Speyer.
This diet is where the term "Protestant" was coined. In the previous Diet of Speyer in 1526, the evangelical areas were permitted to "each one to live, govern and carry himself as he hopes to answer it to God and His Imperial Majesty." However, in 1529 the Ottomans were threatening and the evangelicals could not threaten to withhold their money to support the defense of the empire. Thus, the Catholics revoked the ruling of the 1526 Diet of Speyer and demanded that the empire return to the Catholic religion.

Philip of Hesse, Johann of Saxony and other German princes drafted a formal protest, but it was denied by Archduke Ferdinand and Charles V.