This is the steeple of St Lambert's cathedral in Munster. The bodies of Jan of Leyden and two other Anabaptists were placed in these cages after they were tortured and killed.

Jan of Leiden

Movement Radical Reformation
Born Leiden, 1509
Died M¬łnster, 1536
Significance This radical reformer was attracted to the preaching of Bernard Rothmann in M¸nster as well as Jan Matthijs. After Matthijs was killed, Jan of Leiden declared himself the new king David of M¸nster. He also instituted polygamy in the town while it was under seige from Catholics and Lutherans. On June 25, 1535 M¸nster was captured and Jan was interrogated and imprisoned for months. On January 22, 1536 he was publicly tortured and killed and his body was placed in a cage atop St. Lambert's Church.
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