Calvin's Church in Geneva
After escaping from prison in Vienne, Michael Servetus fled to Geveva where he was captured and burned at the stake. Calvin's role in Sevetus' execution has often been criticized.

Michael Servetus

Movement Radical Reformation
Born Villanueva, 1511
Died Geneva, 1553
Significance Servetus was a radical Spanish theologian who attacked the traditional Christian doctrine of the Trinity. He published On the Errors of the Trinity in 1531, and Dialogues on the Trinity in 1532, and The Restoration of Christianity in 1553 in which he attacked trinitarianism as nothing more than polytheism. He was condemned as a heretic and imprisoned by Catholic authorities in Vienne, but escaped to Geneva. He was recognized in Geneva, tried and convicted for heresy, and burned at the stake in 1553.
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