Chronology for Cajetan

1469 Tommaso de Vio Gaetani Cajetan is born.
1488 Cajetan begins studies in Bologna.
1491 Cajetan goes to Padua to finish studies and teach.
1493 Cajetan begins lecturing at Padua on Peter Lombard's Sentences.
1494 Cajetan appointed university chair of Thomistic studies at Padua.
1496 Cajetan publishes commentary on Aquinas' On Being and Essence.
1497 Cajetan becomes professor of Thomistic theology in Pavia.
1498 Cajetan publishes The Analogy of Names.
1499 Cajetan called to teach in Milan.
1501 Cajetan called to Rome and appointed procurator general of Dominicans.
1506 Cajetan publishes: On Interpretation, Posterior Analytics, The Categories, Metaphysics
1507 Pope appoints Cajetan as vicar general of Dominicans.
1508 Cajetan sends Dominicans to the New World.
1510 Cajetan publishes The Infinity of the First Mover.
1511 Cajetan publishes A Comparison of the Authority of the Pope and Councils
1517 Cajetan named cardinal by pope Leo X.
1522 Cajetan sent by pope Adrian VI as legate to Hungary.
1523 Cajetan completes 4th volume of his commentary on Aquinas' Summa.
1534 Tommaso de Vio Gaetani Cajetan dies.