Chronology for Calvin

1509 John Calvin is born.
1532 John Calvin publishes his first workóa commentary on Senecaís De Clementia.
1535 Calvin moves to Geneva.
1536 Calvin publishes the first edition of his Institutes of the Christian Religion.
1537 January 16 The Little Council and the Council of Two Hundred adopt Calvin's 21 Articles.
1538 Calvin and William Farel are banished from Geneva.
1538 April 21 Calvin and Farel refuse to serve communion in Geneva.
1540 Calvin publishes his commentary on Romans.
1540 Calvin attends Diet of Hagenau.
1540 August Calvin marries Idelette de Bures.
1541 Calvin attends Diet of Regensburg.
1541 November 20 Geneva city councils approve Calvin's Ecclesiastical Ordinances as the church constitution.
1541 September 13 Calvin returns to Geneva.
1553 Michael Servetus arrested in Geneva and burned at the stake.
1564 John Calvin dies.