Chronology for Eck

1486 Johann (John) Eck is born.
1498 Johann Eck enters University of Heidelberg.
1501 Johann Eck receives MA from Tubingen.
1502 Johann Eck publishes On the Primacy of Peter against Luther. A report on the Leipzig debate with Luther and Karlstadt.
1508 Johann Eck is ordained.
1510 Johann Eck receives Doctor of Theology from University of Freiburg and begins to teach at Ingolstadt.
1519 Leipzig Disputation between Luther and Eck. Karlstadt also debates Eck. Leipzig Disputation
1525 Johann Eck publishes his most important work, Enchiridian.
1527 Johann Eck publishes On the Sacrifice of the Mass to refute Zwingli's rejection of the mass.
1537 Johann Eck publishes a German translation of the Bible.
1541 Regensburg Colloquy.
1543 Johann Eck dies.