Chronology for Karlstadt

1486 Karlstadt is born.
1502 Karlstadt receives MA from Erfurt.
1510 Karlstadt receives doctorate in theology at Wittenberg.
1515 Karlstadt goes to Rome and studies to receive doctorate in canon law and civil law.
1519 Leipzig Disputation between Luther and Eck. Karlstadt also debates Eck. Leipzig Disputation
1521 December 25 Karlstadt celebrates the first public evangelical mass in Wittenberg.
1522 Karlstadt publishes *A Sermon on the Condition of the Souls that Believe in Christ* which denies the existence purgatory.
1522 January 19 Karlstadt marries Anna von Mochau.
1523 Karlstadt publishes *On the Manifoldness of the Unity of God's Will*.
1523 Karlstadt begins his ministry at Orlam¸nde.
1524 Karlstadt publishes *Whether One Should Proceed Slowly* at Basel.
1524 Karlstadt publishes *A Question Whether Anyone May Be Saved Without the Intervention of Mary.*
1524 August 21 Luther and Karlstadt meet at the Black Bear Inn in Jena.
1525 Luther allows Karlstadt to seek refuge in Wittenberg.
1527 Karlstadt's work *Dialogue on Baptism* is published anonymously. He rejects infant baptism but does not require persons to be re-baptized.
1529 Karlstadt is expelled from Kiel.
1530 Zwingli helps Karlstadt become a deacon at the Grossm¸nster in Zurich.
1534 Karlstadt becomes professor of Old Testament at Basel.
1541 Karlstadt dies.