Chronology for Reformation Happens

1330 John Wycliffe is born.
1372 John Wycliffe receives doctorate in theology from Oxford.
1372 Jan Hus is born.
1375 Wycliffe writes *On Divine Dominion*
1376 Wycliffe writes *On Civil Dominion*.
1377 Papal bulls issued demanding Wycliffe stop teaching heresy at Oxford.
1382 Wycliffe leaves Oxford to live in his parish in Lutterworth.
1382 Wycliffe's teachings are condemned by the Synod of London.
1384 John Wycliffe dies.
1396 Jan Hus receives master of arts degree from University of Prague.
1398 Jan Hus begins lecturing at the University of Prague.
1402 Hus becomes preacher at Bethlehem Chapel in Prague.
1409 Council of Pisa. Council of Pisa
1410 Jan Hus is excommunicated.
1412 Jan Hus leaves Prague to live in southern Bohemia.
1412 Jan Hus writes The Expositions.
1413 Jan Hus writes Concerning Simony.
1414 Jan Hus summoned to appear at the Council of Constance. Council of Constance (1414-1418)
1414 Pope Sixtus IV is born.
1414 Thomas a Kempis writes, "The Imitation of Christ."
1415 July 6 Jan Hus is burned at the stake.
1428 John Wycliffe's bones are exhumed and burned according to papal command.
1431 Pope Alexander VI is born.
1432 Pope Innocent VIII is born.
1436 Francisco Ximenez (Jimenez) de Cisneros is born.
1439 Pope Pius III is born.
1443 Pope Julius II is born.
1445 Johann Geiler von Kaysersberg is born.
1452 Girolamo Savonarola is born.
1473 Cardinal Ximenez is imprisoned by Alonso de Carrillo archbishop of Toledo.
1479 Cardinal Ximenez is released from prison by Archbishop Carrillo.
1482 Cardinal Ximenez is appointed vicar- general of Siguenza.
1482 April 18 Bishop Albert of Bavaria calls for a synod in Strasbourg to address issues of reform. Johann Geiler von Kaysersberg serves as official preacher.
1484 Cardinal Ximenez enters a convent in Toledo.
1484 Pope Sixtus IV dies.
1492 Cardinal Ximenez is appointed confessor to Queen Isabella I.
1492 Pope Innocent VIII dies.
1495 Cardinal Ximenez begins Catholic reform in Spain
1503 Pope Alexander VI dies.
1503 Pope Pius III dies.
1507 Cardinal Ximenez is named inquisitor general and becomes a cardinal.
1508 Cardinal Ximenez founds the University of Alcala.
1510 Johann Geiler von Kaysersberg dies.
1513 Pope Julius II dies.
1517 Cardinal Francisco Ximenez (Jimenez) de Cisneros dies at Roa.