Chronology for Radical Reformation

1480 Balthasar Hubmaeir is probably born.
1480 Andreas Rudolf Bodenstein von Karlstadt is born.
1486 Karlstadt is born.
1489 Thomas Munzer is born.
1489 Kaspar von Schwenckfeld is born.
1490 Michael Sattler probably born.
1490 Hans Hut probably born.
1490 Thomas M¸ntzer is born.
1491 George Blaurock is born.
1492 Menno Simons born in Witmarsum.
1495 Pilgram Marpeck is born.
1500 Jacob Hutter is born.
1502 Karlstadt receives MA from Erfurt.
1503 Balthasar H¸bmaier begins his studies at the University of Freidburg.
1509 Jan of Leiden is born.
1510 Anna Jansz is born.
1510 Karlstadt receives doctorate in theology at Wittenberg.
1511 Michael Servetus is born.
1512 Balthasar H¸bmaier begins studies at the University of Ingolstadt at the urging of Johann Eck.
1512 Balthasar H¸bmaier receives Doctor of Theology degree from Ingolstadt.
1515 Karlstadt goes to Rome and studies to receive doctorate in canon law and civil law.
1516 Balthasar H¸bmaier becomes cathedral preacher at Regensburg.
1518 Joachim Vadian and Conrad Grebel climb Mount Pilatus together.
1519 Leipzig Disputation between Luther and Eck. Karlstadt also debates Eck. Leipzig Disputation
1519 Balthasar H¸bmaier expels the Jews from Regensburg during Lent.
1519 Joachim Vadian marries Martha Grebel, Conrad Grebelís sister.
1519 Schwenckfeld experiences his first Heimsuchung (divine experience).
1521 Balthasar Hubmaier begins ministry in Waldshut.
1521 Zwickau prophets arrive in Wittenberg.
1521 Balthasar H¸bmaier becomes preacher at Waldshut.
1521 December 25 Karlstadt celebrates the first public evangelical mass in Wittenberg.
1521 January 21 The first adult baptism of the reformation occurs. First Adult Baptism
1522 Karlstadt publishes *A Sermon on the Condition of the Souls that Believe in Christ* which denies the existence purgatory.
1522 January 19 Karlstadt marries Anna von Mochau.
1523 Second Zurich Disputation in which Zwingli argued for the removal of images from churches. Grebel unsuccessfully argued for the abolition of the mass.
1523 Balthasar H¸bmaier begins to enact reforms in Waldshut.
1523 Karlstadt publishes *On the Manifoldness of the Unity of God's Will*.
1523 Karlstadt begins his ministry at Orlam¸nde.
1523 December Austrian officials enter Waldshut and demand the Balthasar H¸bmaier be arrested. The town resists and soon becomes involved in the Peasants' War.
1524 Menno Simons ordained as Catholic priest.
1524 Balthasar H¸bmaier writes On Heretics and Those Who Burn Them.
1524 Karlstadt publishes *Whether One Should Proceed Slowly* at Basel.
1524 Karlstadt publishes *A Question Whether Anyone May Be Saved Without the Intervention of Mary.*
1524 April Balthasar H¸bmaier organizes a disputation in Waldshut.
1524 August 21 Luther and Karlstadt meet at the Black Bear Inn in Jena.
1525 Balthasar H¸bmaier writes On the Christian Baptism of Believers.
1525 Balthasar H¸bmaier marries Elsbeth H¸gline.
1525 Schwenckfeld visits Wittenberg and debates Martin Luther concerning the Eucharist.
1525 Schwenckfeld experiences his second Heimsuchung (divine experience).
1525 Thomas M¸ntzer is beheaded.
1525 Luther allows Karlstadt to seek refuge in Wittenberg.
1525 April 15 Balthasar H¸bmaier and sixty others receive baptism by Wilhelm Reublin in Waldshut.
1525 December Balthasar H¸bmaier flees Waldshut to Zurich.
1526 Conrad Grebel dies of the plague.
1526 Menno Simons begins to have doubts about transubstantiation.
1526 Balthasar H¸bmaier begins productive ministry in Nikolsburg.
1526 April 21 Schwenckfeld suggests in a letter circulated among his followers that advocates the suspension of the Lord's Supper.
1526 December 25 Hans Denck is expelled from Strasbourg.
1526 December 25 Hans Denck is expelled from Strasbourg.
1527 Michael Sattler meets in Schleitheim with a group of Anabaptists and drafts Schleitheim Articles. The Schleitheim Meeting
1527 Felix Manz drowned in Z¸rich.
1527 Schwenckfeld experiences his third Heimsuchung (divine experience).
1527 Hans Hut dies of smoke inhilation in prison in Augsburg.
1527 Karlstadt's work *Dialogue on Baptism* is published anonymously. He rejects infant baptism but does not require persons to be re-baptized.
1527 July Balthasar H¸bmaier is arrested in Nikolsburg and taken to Vienna.
1527 May 20 Michael Sattler is tortured and burned at the stake.
1527 May 22 Margaretha Sattler is executed by drowning.
1528 Balthasar Hubmaier burned at the stake in Vienna.
1528 Swabian League authorizes military division of 400 horsemen to hunt for Anabaptists.
1528 March 10 Balthasar H¸bmaier is burned at the stake in Vienna.
1528 March 13 Elsbeth H¸bmaier is drowned in the Danube.
1529 George Blaurock burned at the stake in Tyrol.
1529 Jacob Hutter becomes as Anabaptist preacher.
1529 Schwenckfeld is voluntarily exiled from Silesia by Catholics and Lutherans.
1529 Karlstadt is expelled from Kiel.
1529 350 Anabaptists killed in Alzey. Alzey Executions
1530 Zwingli helps Karlstadt become a deacon at the Grossm¸nster in Zurich.
1531 Menno Simons begins serving as parish priest in Witmarsum.
1534 M¸nster debacle begins as Jan van Leiden is crowned as king and Matthijs arrives.
1534 Menno Simons publishes The Spiritual Resurrection.
1534 Schwenckfeld is exiled from Strasbourg.
1534 Karlstadt becomes professor of Old Testament at Basel.
1534 January 5 Bartholomeus Boekbinder ane William de Kuiper arrive in M¸nster and initiate believers' baptism
1535 April Pieter Simons and several hundred radical anabaptists are captured after they seized the Oldeklooster monastery near Bolsward and are killed.
1535 June 25 Lutherans and Catholics storm Munster. Anabaptist leaders are tortured and executed. The M¬łnster Rebellion
1536 Menni Simons becomes an Anabaptist leader.
1536 Jan of Leiden is tortured and killed.
1536 February 25 Jacob Hutter burned at the stake.
1539 Menno Simons publishes The Fundament.
1539 Menno Simons publishes Christian Baptism.
1539 Anna Jansz is executed.
1540 Menno Simons publishes Foundation of Christian Doctrine.
1541 Peter Riedeman writes Hutterite Confession of Faith.
1541 Schwenckfeld writes his Great Confession.
1541 Menno Simons publishes True Christian Faith.
1541 Karlstadt dies.
1551 Kaspar von Schwenckfeld dies.
1553 Michael Servetus is burned at the stake in Geneva.
1556 Pilgram Marpeck dies.
1559 Menno Simons dies.
1568 Dirk Philips dies.