Chronology for Schwenckfeld

1489 Kaspar von Schwenckfeld is born.
1519 Schwenckfeld experiences his first Heimsuchung (divine experience).
1525 Schwenckfeld visits Wittenberg and debates Martin Luther concerning the Eucharist.
1525 Schwenckfeld experiences his second Heimsuchung (divine experience).
1526 April 21 Schwenckfeld suggests in a letter circulated among his followers that advocates the suspension of the Lord's Supper.
1527 Schwenckfeld experiences his third Heimsuchung (divine experience).
1529 Schwenckfeld is voluntarily exiled from Silesia by Catholics and Lutherans.
1534 Schwenckfeld is exiled from Strasbourg.
1551 Kaspar von Schwenckfeld dies.