Chronology for Simons

1492 Menno Simons born in Witmarsum.
1524 Menno Simons ordained as Catholic priest.
1526 Menno Simons begins to have doubts about transubstantiation.
1531 Menno Simons begins serving as parish priest in Witmarsum.
1534 Menno Simons publishes The Spiritual Resurrection.
1535 June 25 Lutherans and Catholics storm Munster. Anabaptist leaders are tortured and executed. The M¸nster Rebellion
1536 Menni Simons becomes an Anabaptist leader.
1539 Menno Simons publishes The Fundament.
1539 Menno Simons publishes Christian Baptism.
1540 Menno Simons publishes Foundation of Christian Doctrine.
1541 Menno Simons publishes True Christian Faith.