Chronology for Zwingli

1484 Ulrich Zwingli is born in St. Gall.
1498 Ulrich Zwingli enrolls at the University of Vienna.
1502 Ulrich Zwingli transfers to University in Basel.
1504 Ulrich Zwingli receives BA from Basel.
1506 Zwingli receives Master of Arts at University of Basel.
1506 Ulrich Zwingli receives MA from Basel.
1506 Ulrich Zwingli is ordained and becomes parish priest in Glarus.
1515 Battle of Marignano causes Zwingli to preach against mercenary system.
1516 Ulrich Zwingli becomes rector of the monastic church at Einsiedeln.
1518 Ulrich Zwingli becomes priest at the Great Minster in Zurich.
1521 Ulrich Zwingli and Berchtold Haller meet for the first time.
1522 Ulrich Zwingli defends those who eat meat during Lent.
1522 Ulrich Zwingli secretly marries Anna Rhinehardt.
1523 First Zurich Disputation between Zwingli and Johann Faber vicar-general of Constance. Reformation begins in Zurich.
1523 Second Zurich Disputation in which Zwingli argued for the removal of images from churches. Grebel unsuccessfully argued for the abolition of the mass.
1523 Heinrich Bullinger meets Ulrich Zwingli.
1524 Ulrich Zwingli's marriage to Anna Rhinehardt made public.
1526 Ulrich Zwingli and Berchtold Haller attend the Baden Disputation.
1528 Heinrich Bullinger accompanies Ulrich Zwingli to the disputation at Bern
1529 Luther and Zwingli debate at Marburg Colloquy The Marburg Colloquy
1530 Zwingli helps Karlstadt become a deacon at the Grossm¸nster in Zurich.
1531 Zwingli dies at the Battle of Kappel.