Michael Sattler meets in Schleitheim with a group of Anabaptists and drafts Schleitheim Articles. [More]   Radical Reformation
  Felix Manz drowned in Z¸rich.   Radical Reformation
  Johann Eck publishes On the Sacrifice of the Mass to refute Zwingli's rejection of the mass. Eck
Catholic Reformation
  James Hochstraten dies.   Catholic Reformation
  Schwenckfeld experiences his third Heimsuchung (divine experience). Schwenckfeld
Radical Reformation
  Hans Hut dies of smoke inhilation in prison in Augsburg.   Radical Reformation
  Karlstadt's work *Dialogue on Baptism* is published anonymously. He rejects infant baptism but does not require persons to be re-baptized. Karlstadt
Radical Reformation
  Henry VIII appeals to Pope Clement VII for annulment for marriage to Catharine of Aragon. Henry
English Reformation
  July Balthasar H¸bmaier is arrested in Nikolsburg and taken to Vienna. H¸bmaier
Radical Reformation
  May 20 Michael Sattler is tortured and burned at the stake.   Radical Reformation
  May 22 Margaretha Sattler is executed by drowning.   Radical Reformation