Luther and Zwingli debate at Marburg Colloquy [More] Luther
Magisterial Reformation
  George Blaurock burned at the stake in Tyrol.   Radical Reformation
  Schmalkald League is formed by Lutheran princes to defend their faith.   Magisterial Reformation
  Matteo da Bascio founds the Capuchins.   Catholic Reformation
  Simon Fish publishes The Supplication of Beggars.   English Reformation
  Thomas More replaces Wolsey as Lord Chancellor.   English Reformation
  Jacob Hutter becomes as Anabaptist preacher.   Radical Reformation
  The Turks attack Vienna.  
  Second Diet of Speyer. [More]   Catholic Reformation
Magisterial Reformation
  Schwenckfeld is voluntarily exiled from Silesia by Catholics and Lutherans. Schwenckfeld
Radical Reformation
  Thomas More succeeds Thomas Wolsey as Lord Chancellor. More
English Reformation
  Karlstadt is expelled from Kiel. Karlstadt
Radical Reformation
  350 Anabaptists killed in Alzey. [More]   Radical Reformation
  August Heinrich Bullinger marries Anna Adlischwyler. Bullinger
Magisterial Reformation
  June Bremgarten becomes a reformed town. Bullinger
Magisterial Reformation
  May Heinrich Bullinger replaces his father as pastor at Bremgarten. Bullinger
Magisterial Reformation