King Henry VIII declares himself the supreme head of the church in England.   English Reformation
  M¸nster debacle begins as Jan van Leiden is crowned as king and Matthijs arrives.   Radical Reformation
  Pope Paul III elected.   Catholic Reformation
  Act of Supremacy.   English Reformation
  Menno Simons publishes The Spiritual Resurrection. Simons
Radical Reformation
  Tommaso de Vio Gaetani Cajetan dies. Cajetan
Catholic Reformation
  Schwenckfeld is exiled from Strasbourg. Schwenckfeld
Radical Reformation
  Karlstadt becomes professor of Old Testament at Basel. Karlstadt
Radical Reformation
  Pope Clement VII dies.   Catholic Reformation
  August 15 Ignatius Loyola and six others (including Francis Xavier) take vows of celebacy and poverty and commit to serving God. Loyola
Catholic Reformation
  January 5 Bartholomeus Boekbinder ane William de Kuiper arrive in M¸nster and initiate believers' baptism   Radical Reformation