Quicktime is a file format developed by Apple. You might call it a meta-format, because it supports so many types of video, audio, image and animation formats. In fact, Apple likes to refer to it as "the Quicktime media layer."

Like Shockwave, Quicktime movies are created with special authoring applications but may be viewed by anyone who has the basic (and free) software for playback.

Quicktime movies may be either pixel-based or vector-based.

Here's a pixel-based Quicktime animation.

For an example of a vector-based Quicktime movie, see below.

Note that this movie was actually created in Flash, but originally exported as a Quicktime movie rather than a Shockwave movie for demonstrative purposes. A user who had the Quicktime plug-in but not the Shockwave Flash plug-in would still be able to see this Quicktime movie. In 2024, we exported the content as an MPEG-4 movie so that it would play in modern browsers. However, in the process, the vectors were converted to pixels, which kind of defeated the purpose of this demonstration. Sorry.

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