The Problem with Bookmarks

  1. Browser bookmarks are only available if you're using a specific browser on a specific device.
  2. And frankly bookmarks in most browsers tend to suck.

A Solution

A "social bookmarking" website called attempts to solve these problems. solves the first problem by putting your bookmarks on the web, so you can retrieve them from any computer or web-enabled device. It attempts to solve the second problem by using tags to organize your bookmarks. And lets users share bookmarks with one another — thus the "social" aspect.

Note that the name of the site is also the address. No "www" needed. Just del + icio + us. This is the logo:


The purpose of this tutorial is to explain what does and how you can use it. You'll learn how to store bookmarks on and how to retrieve your bookmarks. You'll also learn how organize your bookmarks with tags and how to use to discover new content on the web. And maybe, just maybe, it will make your life a little easier. But there is no guarantee.

Before You Begin

This will go a lot smoother if you're using just about any browser except Internet Explorer. I recommend Firefox.