The Span

Sometimes you will want to mark a span of text with special structural, contextual, or formatting information that simply isn't accounted for in the standard set of inline elements.

You may wish to consider using the generic inline element: the span. This element does not have any specific connotations attached to it, but you may assign it meaning yourself. This makes it a potentially powerful element, especially when combined with style sheets.

A full exploration of the use of this element is beyond the scope of this introductory tutorial. Learn more about this element in the Using Style Sheets tutorial. The following example serves only to illustrate the basic syntax.

<SPAN> ...content goes here... </SPAN>

As you can see, this element follows the standard 'container' syntax, enclosing content between the <SPAN> and </SPAN> tags. But it doesn't have much meaning until you customize it.

The span is an inline element.

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