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How the Web Works

These pages support a seminar series called How the Web Works, created by Bart Everson, the Center's Media Artist, from 2000 to 2006. As we put it way back when, "The series explores the concepts behind the technology of the World Wide Web, and aims to increase understanding of an information space that more and more of us are using daily." Much of this information is still relevant to how the web works today.

  • Introduction to the Web
    Appropriate for anyone who wants to learn about the Web and the Internet.

  • Introduction to HTML
    An introduction to the basic concepts of HTML, with guidelines on how to 'mark up' a document for the World Wide Web.

  • Introduction to XHTML
    An overview of Extensible Hypertext Markup Language, the apparent succesor of HTML.

  • Basics of Web Imaging
    Color modes, file formats, bit depth, compression schemes, Web-safe colors, good design practices, and more.

  • Animation for the Web
    A few materials on file formats and basic concepts with links to animated examples.

  • Using Style Sheets
    A fact sheet, a tutorial, and some links about the powerful concept of style sheets.

  • Feeding Frenzy
    Have you noticed these little orange buttons that seem to be cropping up all over the World Wide Web?

  • Using
    A better way to bookmark.

  • Planning Your Website
    Tips on how to design your site and mange your workflow.

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