Structure Your Files Logically

Computers are logical beasts. Your project will proceed more smoothly if you make an effort to be logical.

Logical Document Structure

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) provides a way of marking the logical structure of your documents. Use HTML to designate to designate logical elements of your documents -- paragraphs, headings, lists and so forth.

Of course, it doesn't hurt to organize your content logically either.

Logical File Hierarchy

Any time you have more than one document relating to a particular topic, you should probably consider creating a folder to contain them.

It is also common practice to create an "images" folder in which all your image files are stored.

Here's an example of a typical file hierarchy:

Once you establish a file hierarchy, stick to it! For example, if you create an images folder to organize all your images in one location, you must always put your image files in this folder or you defeat its purpose.

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