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Resistance to Enslavement Civil War and Reconstruction (1861-1877) Struggle for Civil Rights (1877-1964) Post-Civil Rights (1965-present)
Life of Baukman Dutty
1811 Slave Revolt
Common Ground in 1811
Juan Malo, St. Malo
Chocolate (chocolate in French)
The color of my song
I Could Never Be Like A.P. Dostie
One Of The Many Who Fought For Blacks To Vote
History of the Unification Movement
Frederick Douglass Writes a Farewell Letter to His Daughter
The Last Thoughts of a Revolutionary
There's Always a Time to Speak Up
Life of P.B.S. Pinchback the Honorary
Francis E. Dumas: Selling Out His People or Liberating His People?
Life of Lolis Elie
Life of Alice Dunbar-Nelson
Life of Oretha Castle Haley
Life of A. P. Tureaud
What An Ugly Name
Plessy Story
History of the Citizens' Committee
Pontchartrain Park 1955
North Star Crusader
September 11, 1881
Dr. Leonard Burns and the United Clubs
Life of Virginia Collins
Shakespeare Park
The Crusader
Mother Catherine Seals
Homer Plessy in a Mixed Up Time
Life of Louis Martinet
Fighting for Teacher Pay: One Pathway to Quality Education
Black Panthers in Desire
Life of Evelyn Turner
Life of Kalamu ya Salaam
Ordinary Hero
Legacy: In Honor of Tom Dent
Down to the River of Dryades and Claiborne Avenues
They Come Over Almost Every Weekend
Sitting at the Dock of the Bay
Who Knows What
Sharing a Life, Passing a Torch