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Life of Kalamu ya Salaam

Written by: Antoine Battle
About: Kalamu ya Salaam

Kalamu ya Salaam is a professional editor/writer and arts administrator. He served as the editor of THE BLACK COLLEGIAN Magazine for thirteen years. Continuing his work in journalism, Mr. Salaam worked as the Arts & Entertainment Editor for The New Orleans Tribune, Modern Jazz Editor for Wavelength, The New Orleans Music Magazine and a regular contributor to The Louisiana Weekly newspaper. Mr. Salaam's plays have been widely anthologized and a 1987/88 production of his "BLK LOVE SONG #1" won a "Best of Fringe" award from the Manchester Evening news in England.

Kalamu ya Salaam is the author of several books of poetry, including The Blues Merchant (1969), Hofu Ni Kwenu/My Fear Is For You (1973), Pamoja Tutashina/Together We Will Win (1974), Ibura (1976), Revolutionary Love (1978), Iron Flowers (1979), A Nation of Poets (1989). His latest book is Speak the Truth to the People, an anthology of NOMMO Literary Society workshop writers co-edited with Kysha N. Brown. He has also done numerous pamphlets on political issues, particularly the issue of apartheid. He is the leader of the Wordband, a poetry performance ensemble. His latest CD is My Story, My Song. He is co-founder/editor of Runagate Press.

Mr. Salaam is currently the video production instructor at local public schools. He teaches the concept of NEO-Griot. NEO-Griot is writing with sound, text, and light.