The Crusader

A look back at a daily paper

Written by: LaQuita Joseph
About: Louis Martinet

The Crusader, a Republican newspaper founded by attorney Louis Martinet in 1889, informed people about public issues in articles spoke out against racial injustice. These stories ranged from reports on a white gang that terrorized the colored Bethlehem Lutheran Church to an incident when a group of laborers were harassed near Oakridge, La, leaving seven workers dead and six wounded.

Although The Crusader was a serious paper, it often made its points through grim humor, as in the following report:

"Last week in Fayette County, Ga., eight Negroes were killed and six were wounded. Eight whites were shot, but only one fatally. However deplorable these affrays, it is refreshing to see the Negro defending himself, but he must learn to shoot straight."

The main event that inspired this historic newspaper