Maria Hernandez

School Douglass, Class of 2006
Articles Chocolate (chocolate in French)
The color of my song
I Could Never Be Like A.P. Dostie
One Of The Many Who Fought For Blacks To Vote
Life of Virginia Collins
The Last Thoughts of a Revolutionary
September 11, 1881
There's Always a Time to Speak Up
Sharing a Life, Passing a Torch
Fighting for Teacher Pay: One Pathway to Quality Education
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My grandfather was very close to Fidel Castro during the Cuban revolution. So I grew up hearing all types of stories about the Cuban struggle. I think that is why history has always been important to me.

Both of my parents are Cuban, so naturally I feel more connected to my Cuban heritage than anything dealing with United States history. That was until I realized that people have struggled everywhere, not just where my family comes from. I learned that men named Trevigne and Dostie fought