Heroes of New Orleans

Though it is not often acknowledged, New Orleans was at the forefront of the Civil Rights Movement. Many of her people continue in the tradition of community activism today. This section of the site is dedicated to those New Orleanians whose love and energy makes life in the "Big Easy" better everyday.

Civil War and
Struggle for
Civil Rights
Post-Civil Rights
Dutty, Boukman
Malo, Juan
Dostie, Anthony Paul
Douglass, Frederick
Dumas, Francis E.
Gibbons, Charles
Pinchback, P. B. S.
Trevigne, Paul
Burns, Leonard
Castle Haley, Oretha
Collins, Virginia
Dunbar-Nelson, Alice
Elie, Lolis
Martinet, Louis
Plessy, Homer
Tureaud, Alexander Pierre
Wright, Ernest
Dent, Thomas Covington
Reed, Leatrice
Salaam, Kalamu ya
Smith, Jerome
Turner, Evelyn
Dent, Thomas Covington