Struggle for Civil Rights and to Develop Black Institutions, Organizations and Power (1877-1964)


Elie, Lolis
Dunbar-Nelson, Alice
Castle Haley, Oretha
Tureaud, Alexander Pierre
Plessy, Homer
Dent, Thomas Covington
Burns, Leonard
Collins, Virginia
Wright, Ernest
Martinet, Louis


Life of Lolis Elie
Life of Alice Dunbar-Nelson
Life of Oretha Castle Haley
Life of A. P. Tureaud
What An Ugly Name
Plessy Story
History of the Citizens' Committee
Pontchartrain Park 1955
Life of Virginia Collins
North Star Crusader
September 11, 1881
Dr. Leonard Burns and the United Clubs
Shakespeare Park
The Crusader
Mother Catherine Seals
Homer Plessy in a Mixed Up Time
Life of Louis Martinet
Fighting for Teacher Pay: One Pathway to Quality Education
Black Panthers in Desire