CAT+FD: Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Faculty Development

Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Faculty Development

Our mission: the development of faculty across all career stages and areas of professional responsibility.

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Upcoming Events

August 22nd-May 8th:
A Quarter of Quiet Every Wednesday at half past noon [details]

Thursday, October 18th:
Critiquing the Canon in Your Discipline Christine Kwon will discuss how the Western Canon has influenced the past and present tradition of literature. [details]

Thursday, October 18th:
Grant Writing Workshop: Make Data Meaningful Learning how to do your work better, and demonstrating to others that you’re learning how to do better. [details]

Thursday, October 18th:
SERG: An Integrated Science Curriculum at Xavier We will use this meeting to brainstorm what an integrated science curriculum would look like at Xavier. [details]

Friday, October 19th:
Cayuse 424 Training This is an ORSP-sponsored training session. [details]

Saturday, October 20th:
CCE: ePortfolios in the Classroom Saturday Seminar This is a Core Curriculum Enhancement event. [details]

Monday, October 22nd:

Thursday, October 25th:
Value of Voice: Using VoiceThread for Teaching and Learning Attend this workshop to find out how to create a more engaging and effective learning environment with the addition of VoiceThreads. [details]

Monday, October 29th:
Unworkshop What's your greatest need as a faculty member right now? Come to our first ever Unworkshop, and learn while you create! [details]

Monday, October 29th:
Fall Social Hour Don't be scared! [details]

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Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Kennesaw State University maintains a list of journals that publish SoTL research and/or address issues in higher education as well as a list of teaching conferences.

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