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First time log - on

When you select WebBoard the link will take you to a log-in information box.

Select new user and type in your user name (the name you will use in this program) and password(a word you will remember). The board will welcome you and request additional information. Follow the menu prompts, then enter the board.



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General directions

The board uses frames to display messages.

The conference titles and topics are in the frame on the left. When selected, the messages will display in the frame on the right.

Only the conferences you have permission to view will be displayed.

The conference name for this program is Fact of Contact.


Click on the (+) next to the conference title to view conference topics.

Click the topic to display the message. Read all the message entries.

Select reply from the message menu bar to type your message. Select new topic if your message is not related to any of the messages posted.

Give your reply a descriptive title, then type your response in the text field below.

Select Post to preview/spell check your message. Then select Post again to send the message to the board.

Select new topic if your message is not related to any of the messages posted.

Use the Browser Back button to return to your program and to exit the WebBoard. Quit your browser to ensure that you are logged out of the WebBoard.

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