Support of New Faculty Members:
Recommendations of the CAT Faculty Advisory Group and Other Invited Faculty

In November 2004, the Center staff met with members of the its Faculty Advisory Group and 1st- and 2nd-year faculty members to discuss ways in which the Center could better support and serve new faculty members in their first few years at Xavier. The responses from these discussions are organized below into one or both of the following categories:

  1. Events: In most cases, the Center could implement the suggestion by simply hosting a new workshop, brown-bag discussion, or symposium, or by organizing a venue in which the appropriate persons may meet to discuss whatever may be the topic at hand. In some cases, the Center may need to add something extra to an event it already hosts.
  2. Service or Support: In order for the Center to respond to this suggestion, it would need to develop the capacity to provide the appropriate support or service. In most instances, the service or support needed isn't currently provided in any (substantive) way by the Center.

It is important to note that not every suggestion necessarily relates to the Center for the Advancement of Teaching, whose goal is to advance and make public the art and science of teaching and learning. Some suggestions may be more appropriately handled by, for example, the Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, Counseling Center, or Center for Undergraduate Research.

We'd also like to note that these are the opinions of faculty members that were shared at the brainstorming sessions. The opinions expressed are neither necessarily consensus opinions nor the opinions of CAT staff.

The recommendations:


Classroom management; focus on the student


General advice

Service or Support

Peer Review of Teaching



Teaching award

General advice

Participants in the Support of New Faculty discussions, November 2004

  • Biology
    • Charles Bell
    • Trey Brown
    • Kevin Delaney
    • Harish Ratnayaka
  • Business
    • Anil Kukreja
    • Jean Meyer
  • Center for the Advancement of Teaching
    • Bart Everson
    • Janice Florent
    • Todd Stanislav
    • Gayna Stevens-Credle
  • Chemistry
    • Michael Adams
    • Kathleen Morgan
  • College of Pharmacy
    • Lanny Foss
    • Tyrone McBayne
    • Janel Bailey Wheeler
    • Tom Wiese
  • Communications
    • Dominique Gendrin
    • Ross Louis
  • Computer Sciences & Computer Engineering
    • Shanmugalingam Easwaran
    • Andrea Edwards
    • Marguerite Giguette
  • English
    • Nicole Greene
    • David Lanoue
    • Bonnie Noonan
    • Biljana Obradovic
  • History
    • Wendy Gaudin
    • Betsy Hemenway
    • Steve Salm
  • Languages
    • Bernardo Roman-Beato
  • Library
    • Ed McDonald
  • Mathematics
    • Paul McCreary
  • Philosophy
    • Thora Bayer
    • Paul Schafer
  • Psychology
    • Charles Gramlich
    • Lisa Schulte
  • Theology
    • Sr. Mary Ann Stachow