Scholarship and Reports

Research in Teaching and Learning

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Kennesaw State University maintains a list of journals that publish research in the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) and/or address issues in higher education as well as a list of teaching conferences.

Faculty Scholarship (1999-2009)

A variety of generous grants to Xavier's Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Faculty Development (CAT+FD) have supported Xavier's faculty and students in a number of ways, including release time and stipends for teaching, technology, or research projects, and travel to conferences and workshops.

We've listed examples from faculty and student work that have resulted, either directly or indirectly, from support they've received from one or the other of the faculty development grants mentioned above.

Internal Reviews & Reports

CAT+FD continually reviews internal processes and procedures, occasionally generating reports.

Faculty Participation (1998-2004)

Planning Documents (1998-2005)

PDF This site contains documents in the Portable Document Format (PDF), which you can download and print for your reading convenience. There are a number of viewers which you may use to display PDFs. We recommend the free Acrobat Reader by Adobe.

University Assessment Documents (1998-2005)

Annual Reports (2011-2019)

Reports from Our Research

CAT+FD has also sponsored research projects that have resulted in the following reports: