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As part of the Southern Education Foundation, Inc.'s Gateway 21 Project, a technology survey was first administered to all Xavier faculty members in Fall 1998. The results of the survey then proved especially helpful to the Center for the Advancement of Teaching as indicators of faculty and institutional technology needs and interests. The Center administered the survey again in March 2001.

The results of the survey have helped the University in general and the Center in particular measure the extent to which the changes and initiatives have impacted the institution. The survey results have also provided the Center with a better sense of current faculty technology needs and interests. For example, the survey results were particularly helpful in preparing a faculty development and technology proposal submitted to the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation in August 2001.

The Center would like to extend its gratitude to Dr. Michael Labranche, Mathematics Department, for his assistance in analyzing the survey data. Dr. Gayna Credle (Center staff) wrote the overview and item-by-item analysis.