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  • Dr. Andrea Edwards presented a paper and presentation: "eLearners Must be Full-time Learners" published in the peer-reviewed "International Information Resources Management" conference in New Orleans in May 2004.
  • Dr. Mark Welt (College of Pharmacy) and students Mr. Darron Meyers and Mr. Chad Richard gave a poster presentation titled, "Genetic Methods of Identification of Tilapia Species and Stocks" at Xavier's 1st Annual Festival of Scholars in March.
  • Dr. Nitsa Rosenzweig (Chemistry), Mr. Yamlak Tsega (ITC), Dr.Gayna Stevens-Credle (CAT), and Dr. Marion Carroll (Chemistry) presented a pre-conference workshop "Electronic Classrooms: Instant Feedback to Bioinformatics" at the 11th Annual American Society for Microbiology Conference for Undergraduate Educators held at Xavier University of Louisiana in May 2004.
  • Dr. Michael Homan (Theology) and student Roy DuBose (double major in Biology/Theology) presented a paper "The Tabernacle: Historicity and Context" at the American Schools of Oriental Research Regional meeting in Irving, Texas in March.
  • Dr. Mark Gstohl (Theology) gave two papers at the Southwest Commission on Religious Studies 2004 Meeting of the American Academy of Religion held in Dallas in March. The papers were: "Muriel Lester: Social Activist, Peacemaker, Theologian" and "The Contextual Theology of Muriel Lester."
  • Dr. Mark Schlueter (Biology), Dr. Marc Welt (College of Pharmacy), and two students — Mr. Chad Richard and Mr. Darron Meyers — presented a poster at the Aquaculture 2004 conference held in Honolulu, HI in March. This presentation was one outcome of research they conducted under the auspices of the Center's Communities Initiative.
  • Drs. Beverly Mason (Sociology) and Pamela Waldron-Moore (Political Science) presented a paper entitled "Etiology of Student Retention at HBCUs" at the 23rd Annual Meeting of the Research Association of Minority Professors held in Houston, Texas in February. This presentation is the result of a Communities Initiative research project involving Drs. Mason and Waldron-Moore and four students — Brandon Bougard, Adriene Hobdy, Gavin Lewis, and Courtney Smith.
  • In 2002, Dr. Pamela Waldron-Moore was part of a Communities Initiative project titled, "Flight or Fight? Motivations for Academic Achievement Through Quality Education." One result of this research is the following paper:
    Waldron-Moore, Pamela. (2004). Student Motivation: Getting to the Bottom of HBCU Attrition. Journal of the Research Association of Minority Professors, 7 (1): 20-38.
  • Dr. Charles Heglar and Mr. DeReef Jamison, both of the African-American Studies Department, and one student — Ms. Angel Harper — presented a paper titled, "African American Health Issues and the HBCU Curriculum" at the 10th National HBCU Faculty Development Symposium held in October.
  • Dr. Marion Carroll (Chemistry) and Dr. Jay Ciaffa (Philosophy) co-authored a paper titled, "The Human Genome Project: A Scientific and Ethical Overview," that is published on-line in, an educational website that promotes bioscience literacy. The article is available at:
    Drs. Carroll and Ciaffa, and Ms. Shameka Darisaw, a Xavier student, participated in the Center for the Advancement of Teaching's Communities Initiative in 2003. More information about their Communities Initiative project is at:

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