Faculty Development Survey Results

In December 2002, the Center for the Advancement of Teaching administered a faculty development survey as part of a grant funded by the Bush and William and Flora Hewlett foundations. We sought the input of Xavier University faculty members on ways in which faculty development efforts at Xavier may be more useful to them. The survey also offered us an opportunity to gauge faculty members' satisfaction with the Center. And finally, since a similar survey was administered in 1999, the new data offered an opportunity to determine what, if any, changes may have occurred over the past three years.

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There are two documents associated with this survey:

Ruminatus [PDF, 16 Kb]

Here, we present a description of what we considered to be particularly noteworthy survey results. We also offer our responses as a way of indicating how the results will inform the work that we do in the Center for the Advancement of Teaching.

Survey data and summary [PDF, 137 Kb]

In this report, the survey results are presented in three sections. In section I, the survey questions, brief summaries, and results are presented. In section II, we provide an analysis of the survey results when they are divided into two groups. And in section III, results of this survey are compared to the results of a similar survey administered in 1999.

We wish to thank Dr. Amaresh Das (Business Department) for his assistance in analyzing the survey data, and Dr. Deany Cheramie (English Department) and Sr. Mary Ann Stachow, S.B.S. (Theology Department) for their critical comments and suggestions.