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Bush-Hewlett Grant

In October 1997, Xavier University was awarded a three-year, $450,000 grant from The Bush and William and Flora Hewlett foundations to support a faculty development program. This grant was administered by Xavier's Center for the Advancement of Teaching (CAT).

CAT examined the data collected throughout the three-year course of this grant, with equal attention to what worked and to what did not work. Based on these findings, the Center drafted a proposal to The Bush and William and Flora Hewlett foundations for a renewed faculty development program capitalizing on the successes of the original. The renewal proposal was approved in early 2002.

(Both the original proposal and the renewal proposal, as well as the interim reports, are available via the links below.)

The aim of the renewed faculty development initiative was to improve student learning by fostering a campus culture where teaching and research are improved and made public. CAT promoted this aim through a continuous program of faculty development which:

  1. Encouraged faculty and student conversations focused on specific teaching and learning problems and opportunities
  2. Encouraged faculty and student research, including the scholarship of teaching.

CAT achieved these goals through the following activities:

  1. Teaching and research communities [See also: Intitiatives > Communities]
  2. Workshops [See also: Events > Workshops]
  3. Travel grants
  4. Support of experimentation with information technology.


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