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SPIG Minutes for Friday, February 13th, 2004

10-10:55 AM

Attendants: Bart Everson, Dr. Lanny Foss, Mrs. Susan Fredine, David Lanoue, and Todd Stanislav

The group discussed the stages of the planning process, with attention to the focus of each stage. The group agreed on the following:

Stage 1: A Review of the Center's Mission, Vision, and Values

The group will review and agree on the mission, vision, and values of the Center. Regarding vision and value statements, Todd indicated that a draft of these statements had been written and will be discussed by the Center staff at its meeting on February 16, 2004. Todd anticipated that the Center staff would finish writing its vision and value statements in time for the planning and implementation group's Stage 1 work.

In this stage, it will be important to consider the Center's mission, vision, and values relative to the University mission statement, and the plans and goals of the University, Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs, and deans' offices.

There was discussion about how ambitious or far-reaching the Center's vision could be. There was general agreement among the group members that the vision could be very ambitious, as long as it was ultimately achievable, as described in an implementation plan.

Stage 2: An Analysis of the Center's Work, Infrastructure, and Connections

The group, with a view toward the future, will discuss a broad range of topics relative to the actual work of the Center, including:

  • budget
  • programmatic aspects (e.g., initiatives, projects, workshops)
  • infrastructure (e.g., staff, technology, other resources)
  • connections to and collaboration with other campus offices, committees, and people (e.g., Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, deans' offices, University Faculty Development Committee, Institutional Advancement, Educational Technology Specialist).

Dr. Foss noted that a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis would be important, if not at every stage, then particularly in Stage 2. He recommended, once a plan was developed for the work of this group, that Todd discuss it with Dr. Kathleen Kennedy, who led the College of Pharmacy's recent strategic planning effort.

Stage 3: A Plan for the Center's Future

The group will flesh out the details of an implementation plan that will enable the Center to achieve its mission and vision. The implementation plan will include an assessment strategy that will allow the Center to measure the extent to which it has succeeded in implementing the plan, achieving its mission, and realizing its vision.

Dr. Lanoue inquired about having someone from outside Xavier involved in the planning process, or at least involved in reviewing the drafts of the strategic plan. Todd mentioned that he spoke with Dr. Nancy Hunt at UNO about serving on the planning committee. But because Dr. Hunt is planning to leave UNO for another job as early as January, Todd decided not to invite her to participate in the planning process.

Bart suggested that we contact The Collaboration for the Advancement of College Teaching & Learning to inquire about the availability of reviewers. Todd mentioned that he was aware that The Collaboration provided consultants for this purpose. Todd will contact The Collaboration.

Dr. Foss suggested that it would be important to obtain input from faculty at the outset and conclusion of each stage. Todd indicated that he would work on a plan for this; he will present the plan to the group at its next meeting.

The group then discussed a timeline for its work. It was agreed that Stage 1 would be completed by August 1, 2004. The group agreed to meet weekly throughout the remainder of the Spring semester. There was discussion about having an off-campus retreat to allow the group a longer time to work. The group agreed that a retreat could be beneficial. Todd suggested that one not be immediately scheduled, but that one could be scheduled, once there was clearer indication that it would be particularly beneficial, given the work that could be accomplished in that time.

Todd asked the group for ideas on the kind of data or information that it anticipates needing during the planning process. The following suggestions were made:

  • annual budgets
  • data about faculty interest in faculty development-related workshops, projects, etc.
  • faculty participation data
  • information about the Center's activities (e.g., initiatives, projects, workshops)
  • information about the kinds of products — both direct and indirect — of the Center's work
  • data on what faculty perceive to be obstacles to moving forward in their teaching
  • data on faculty expectations of the Center.

The group, after some discussion, recommended that Todd continue to serve as the chair of the committee.

Finally, Mrs. Fredine and Dr. Foss both expressed interest in learning more about other university's centers for teaching. They asked if Todd would send them information about other centers. Todd will send information about this to everyone next week.

— Minutes respectfully submitted by Michelle Falgoust,
Administrative Assistant in the Center for the Advancement of Teaching


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